5 Great Reasons Why Maintaining Your Roof Is So Important.

1701-150 15th Street West North Vancouver, Central Lonsdale, BC, V7M 1R5Your roof is one of the largest parts of your house and the most vulnerable, as it is exposed to weather hazards and other elements that contribute to its damage and deterioration. If it is neglected, its lifespan can be dramatically shortened and this can be very expensive for you the homeowner.

By doing regular inspections, maintenance and repairs to your roof, you will ensure that it will last the 15-30 years it is supposed to and you will get the following benefits:

  1. Save money.

Without regular maintenance and inspection, your roof could develop several problems that could grow increasingly worse over time. The longer the problems go undetected, the likelier they are to get worse, with the worse case and most expensive scenario: replacing the entire roof.

  1. Reduce the risks of damage.

Your roof is susceptible to suffering when the weather changes. Heavy rains and winds can cause considerable surface and structural damage. Regular maintenance helps identify the problems that changes in the weather cause, and make it easier to apply solutions quickly.

  1. Find hidden problems.

The only way you can detect a problem with your roof is when there is water leakage. By then the problem is larger than it appears. Water can damage your insulation, the wood frame and structural steel before the ceiling and walls start leaking. Regular inspections and maintenance can locate problems that may not have begun to appear inside your home.

  1. Your roof warranty doesn’t completely protect you.

Many homeowners think that they their roof warranty will cover them for any roofing problems that may occur. This is not true as a warranty can give you a false sense of security. Just because your roof came with a warranty, this does not mean that your roof will be repaired with no questions asked. Every warranty has exceptions and not all warranties are the same. Many roofing companies and roofing material manufacturers require that you get a professional inspection every few years or after a major weather event for their warranty to remain active.

  1. Your roof contributes to the curb appeal of your home.

You want your house to look good both inside and out, but people often forget their roof because they take it for granted. An ugly roof with algae or broken shingles can easily spoil the exterior features of your home. Clogged gutters can cause rain and snow to not drain properly, possibly ruining landscape as well as the gutters themselves.

Maintaining your roof is necessary to protect your home and everyone that lives there. Dealing with roof issues is frustrating and time-consuming. Staying ahead of any problems with preventative roof maintenance will give you peace of mind in the long run.

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