Here Are 5 Great Tips To Summer Maintenance For Your Garden.

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Summer is here with all its heat and unique challenges to your garden. Not only is the weather hot and dry, but your grass and garden respond differently in summer compared to spring. Consider the following tips to keep your garden and lawn looking beautiful before the summer temperatures kick into high gear. 

Adding mulch 

Add a layer of mulch over exposed soil to keep the weed problem under control. Weeds grow faster during the summer, and the mulch makes it easier to control them and shield the ground from heat and sun. Landscape cloth and cardboard between the plants and under the mulch also does a good job of keeping the weeds under control. 

Pruning flowers 

Remove the spent buds on existing flowers – this process is also know as dead heading. Once these spent buds are no longer soaking up energy, the plant can start blossoming again. 

Watering early 

Water early in the morning to prevent mildew from setting in. Make sure you don’t over soak your lawn, but give it a good hearty dose of water a few times a week. Garden plants need an average of 1 inch of water per dose. 

Pest control 

The summer is also a time when insects are out in full force. While you are pruning your flowers, keep an eye out for insects and disease problems. Early detection is the best way of saving your plants. 

Lawn mowing 

In the early days of summer cut the grass short, but as summer wears on, raise the height of the cut level on your lawn mower. Dry, brown, weed infested lawns can be the result of lower cutting lengths. 

Using these tips will ensure that even in the dead summer heat, your flowers will bloom and your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

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