Here Is The New Normal When Buying A Home With Social Distancing

July 28, 2020

There’s no doubt now that using technology has become the new normal for buying a home. Keeping everyone safe is front of mind, and online tools like those created for remote working and collaboration, are now being actively used to help home buyers look for a home. 

Fewer visits to homes 

The rules for viewing homes in person have changed drastically. While one family member may be allowed to physically walk through the home, the whole family may not be able to view together, Touching countertops, opening closets and other habits we are used to doing when viewing a home, may be a thing of the past. Finding a suitable property may take longer than before. 

Distance home viewing 

Buying a home today will require more online investigation and viewing virtual open houses. Gone are the days when real estate professionals would drive 30-40 clients to multiple listings over a number of weeks. 

Virtual staging, 3D floor plans, aerial photography, videos of the home and the neighborhood are essential to buyers, sellers and appraisers, who now rely on these  marketing tools to price homes that they may not have physical access to. 

Less paper work to deal with 

There is more exchanging of contracts and transfers through the Internet, thus eliminating the need for paper. Not only does this save time, it is better for the environment as less paper is used, and fewer trips are made to municipal offices, open houses etc. It is also cost effective regarding time spent and less disruptive to staff. 

With all these changes, real estate professionals are finding that more time is needed for transactions to go through the buying process. Everything now has a process that cannot be circumvented or avoided. 

This new virtual world is an adjustment for everyone including the real estate industry. While there is less interaction between clients and real estate agents, there is still the need for employing the services of a real estate professional, who are now using these tools more efficiently and effectively.  

Our investment in technology puts us in the forefront with regards to the real estate industry. We use the best available online tools to market your home. Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a home in today’s market. 

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