6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Rental Property Management

Spring is an opportune time to schedule a comprehensive property inspection check, especially after a harsh winter. Regular property inspections can catch potential issues early and give the owners and property managers an opportunity to budget for larger renovations at a later date.

Below are some important factors to ensure that the property is running smoothly for the ensuing months:

HVAC system inspection
Heating, ventilating and air condition (HVAC) systems need regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and working longevity. Regular maintenance involves changing the air filters, lubrication of motors, adjusting timing belts and clearing drain lines amongst other things. This type of regular preventative maintenance will prolong the life of the system and prevent costly breakdowns.

Roof inspection
A roof can be very costly to repair and replace. So it is important that its regularly checked and well maintained. Water should drain easily from the roof as standing water can cause damage and deterioration, and any plant or materials that prevents this from happening should be quickly removed. Adjoining gutters must also be inspected to allow free flow of water and easy drainage. 

Landscaping is important as it improves the curb appeal of the property, especially to prospective tenants. Many municipalities have set certain standards for property landscaping, and if not adhered to, impose heavy fines. The removal of dead plants, keeping hedges well- trimmed, pruning trees and shrubs are all important landscaping items.

Windows and doors
Like landscaping, keeping windows clean is an important aspect of overall property curb appeal. Ensuring that windows are sealed properly and do not allow any water penetration will prevent more significant issues from developing.

Lighting in the property is important for safety and security for the tenants. Making sure that lights are turned on and off at the correct times will help save on energy costs. Replacing bulbs with more efficient LED ones will save on costs and the bulbs will last longer. All exterior outlets must be checked, properly covered and be in good running condition.

Parking lot and paved surfaces
Pooling water and water creeping into minor cracks can cause a deterioration in the base structure, resulting in a lot of surface cracks and potholes in parking areas and pavements.  Areas where water pools should be leveled, and potholes and cracks should be covered as soon as possible.

VIRANI RENT + MANAGE is a division dedicated to rental and property management created to provide clients with a full spectrum of services related to their real estate needs. Contact us if you have a property that you would like us to manage.
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