Our Story

Our story reflects the vision of meaningful connections.

One of the great advantages of being a young company is that young companies have a curiosity and an almost inexhaustible supply of exuberance and energy that companies often lose as they grow older. But, although we’re a young company, we’re also a durable company. We’re in for the long haul.


We Create Value

We realize an extremely equitable and timely return from the sale of your home by being good listeners, by providing you with sound advice, and by being highly strategic in the approach we take to both marketing and sales in one of the most alive yet complex markets not only in Canada, but in the world.

We Prize Innovation

The 2020 Global Pandemic has created a different reality – one in which many who previously lived a comfortable lifestyle, have now been pushed to the edge of their financial means and beyond. Karim Virani established The Human-Kind Initiative to remind our community of the power of spreading Kindness.

We Do The Right Thing

In every professional relationship, we are always straight-forward, genuine and forthcoming – we treat people the way we would want to be treated. We work hard on behalf of our clients. They describe us as being “expectation exceeders.”

We Are International

The founders of the company have an international background, having lived and worked on four continents. Today, VIRANI Real Estate Advisors is located in one of the world’s most beautiful, culturally diverse and cosmopolitan cities – a city that year after year tops every magazine’s list of the world’s best places to live. Our vision for our company is an international one. We see that our success is tied to serving not only long-time residents of Vancouver but also to meeting the needs of global citizens who are seeking homes in this city. We understand the unique culture, the desires and the needs of the international buyer better than any of our competitors.

We Are Family

Coincidentally, VIRANI Real Estate Advisors began as a family business but, over the past two decades, family has taken on a much larger meaning. Nobody just works for VIRANI – they are both friends and family (and we can say the same of our clients). Everyone has input into how decisions critical to the sale of your home are made and everyone is constantly encouraged to contribute his or her ideas on how we can serve you better. As a client, you also become part of that family. We look to you for your input and suggestions, in particular the personal stories of your home that we can share anecdotally with prospective buyers. Stories of the “sunny side” of the house on a winter’s afternoon. Or your favourite blooms in the garden you have grown through the years. It’s all part of our highly personalized, highly individualized approach to selling homes.

Our Story Continues

From our distinctive blue V sign to our orange Gone!® sign, we are a market leader and a recognized trademark that continues to set the highest standards and move the industry forward. Innovation, experience, knowledge, service and strategy are hallmarks of our commitment to the local and global communities we serve.

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