7 Important Tips On How To Bear Proof Your Home

Seeing bears walking through residential neighborhoods is now becoming all too common. Many bears are being put down unnecessarily, when their lives could be spared, if only we as humans, could take measures to prevent this.

Bear proofing your home is easy and requires some common sense:

Use bear proof trash cans

The main draw for bears is tantalizing smells. Bear proof trash cans use a locking lid to keep bears out. This prevents them from rummaging through the trash looking for food. Keep food scraps out of the bins as much as possible. Store meat and fish scraps in your freezer and only put them in the green bin on collection day.

Picking fruit from your fruit trees early

Fruit attracts bears, and if you have a fruit tree with ripe fruit hanging or fallen on the ground, this is sure to attract a bear. Harvest the fruit from your trees as often as you can and sweep up fruit that falls to the ground. Planting fruit trees as far away as possible is a good idea.

Remove bird feeders during the warm months

Bears have no problem going after the seeds you leave for birds in the bird feeders. Removing them during the summer months when bears tend to roam around looking for food, is a good idea. If you do decide to leave the feeders outside, ensure that they at least 9-10 feet off the ground and not near any trees.

Avoid leaving food outside, especially at night

Bears have a keen sense of smell, and if you have meals outside during the summer months, make sure that you bring back all the food back inside once the meal is over. Don’t leave out scraps for the birds to eat, as they can attract bears.

Thoroughly clean your barbeque after each use

The residue left behind on your barbeque, especially any meat drippings can easily attract bears. Scrape the grill after use with a grill brush, and when it is warm to touch, scrub down the grill when with a brush and soapy water to remove any grease that is left behind.

Locks on doors and windows To prevent bears from walking into your home, close and lock all bear accessible doors and windows when you leave your home and at night. Same with your cars – make sure your car doors and locked and windows rolled up if you park your car outside. Never leave any food in your car overnight.

During the winter, close off areas below decks and porches

Bears can hide in these areas, so it is important to block them off especially during the winter months.

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