Here’s What A Good Builder Should Do When Building Your Home

When you decide to build a new home, you don’t want to take chances when it comes to hiring a reliable builder. It might take a while, but a good one will build above code, incorporate better building practices, and use the latest technologies to help create a healthy and robust home for you.

If the home is built well during the construction phase, then your home’s value will be enhanced and it will last longer. But it is hard to find a good builder. Using the right questions such as getting referrals of homes they have built, the professional associations they belong to, how long they have been in business, and other tactics, you will eventually find the right builder.

While there are is a whole myriad of things that a good builder will take into account, here are a few that are important:

Unfinished basements

An unfinished basement in a newly built home will allow you to monitor the cracks over time as the concrete cures. A finished basement in a newly built home will hide these cracks, should they develop, and this could become a serious and expensive issue down the line.

The builder can also add the proper water supply lines and drains in the unfinished basement, to allow for a future bathroom. This will reduce the costs of adding the bathroom in the future as there will be no need to breaking finished concrete to add new drains, and smashing walls to add water supply lines.

A good builder should have a good relationship with his contractors. If the contractors are not happy with the builder, their workmanship can be affected. This information can be obtained by doing a thorough research on the builder – whether he pays his contractors on time, how he interacts with them, how he troubleshoots problems.

Protect your home

Surge protectors are a key to every home, as they protect thousands of dollars of electrical components. Since the installation of a whole home surge protector has to be done by a licensed electrician, the builder can organize this while building the home.

Installing a water leak detector can save the homeowner a lot of stress should a water pipe ever burst or a leak develop. The system shuts off the water automatically should a leak develop. A good builder will include this in his building plan.

A comprehensive burglar alarm system is a very valuable investment. Again, this can be done at the building stage, so that wires and sensors can he well concealed and installed properly.

Today, buying a home in Vancouver is a great investment. We have a very experienced and knowledgeable group of real estate professionals available to help you. Call us on 604-913-1000 or email us with any questions you may have about the market or real estate in general.

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