How To Do A Bathroom Makeover in 4 Easy Steps

If you have a slightly dated bathroom and don’t want to spend a lot of money refurbishing it, here a 4 tips that will not break the bank and save you a lot of time:

1) Frost the bathroom windows.

Most bathrooms have curtains that give the required level of privacy. However, by using curtains, you are blocking the sunlight from getting in. So to get the maximum level of light while maintaining your privacy at the same time, try frosting the windows.

2) Replace the towel racks.

Chances are that you have never replaced these since you bought the home. Not that towel racks and other hardware exactly expire, but their styles may become outdated. There are many new options of towel racks such as freestanding, wall mounted or over the door. The new pieces may give your room a vivid new look.

3) Replace showerheads.

Again a showerhead is a piece of hardware that seldom gets replaced. Installing a new showerhead is easy and makes a great difference. Newer showerheads come with features such as adjusting the water pressure which can save water.

4) Change the bathroom linen.

Replacing old worn out linen with new fluffy towels (on that stylish towel rack you just installed) gives your bathroom a fresher look. Imaginative color coordination also helps.

Just making a few changes, such as described above, may give life to an older looking bathroom. 

Any questions? Please feel free to call THE VIRANI SALES TEAM at 604.695.1000 if you have any real estate questions at all. We simply see our mission as striving to be as helpful as we possibly can to area homeowners.

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