If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Declutter, Here Are 6 Things To Remember

Many people want to start the beginning of the year with fresh starts. One of them may be to remove the clutter from your home. So here is a guide that helps you take advantage of this “new year burst of energy”.

How are you going to get this stuff out?

Your intentions are good and your initial actions of removing unwanted items and piling them up somewhere are a good start. But have you decided on a strategy on how to remove these items from your home? The longer you see big piles of unwanted stuff, the more likely you are of giving up on the project. So find out where to dispose of these items before you start.

Get rid of the big items first.

By removing unwanted furniture and similar items will give you instant results of seeing more space and making your home feel more spacious. This will do 2 things – it will free up space for further decluttering and will incentivize you to carry on! So get rid of the bulky stuff first.

Hold off the shopping spree.

You may feel like buying things to fill the empty voids left by the decluttering exercise. Wait until you have finished the whole process before you start replacing. In some cases, you may fee that you may not even need some items.

Start somewhere.

You can either spend a whole weekend or a few minutes a day, but you have to start the process and keep it going. Make a chart of what items, rooms, drawers or closets need purging and tick them off when done. This visual aid will help you especially when your motivation wanes.

Do 2 rounds

You may feel overwhelmed if you try and do everything in one fell swoop. After capturing and letting go of obvious clutter on your first round, embark on another round that your eyeballs did not see on the first pass. This will keep the pressure off you.

Be specific on what you are keeping

You may find it difficult to remove items that you have hardly used, but “just in case” it may become useful in view of some unspecified event. Here lies the problem – just in case of what? If it is for a particular purpose, then place it where it is required. But if you find yourself scrambling to justify an item you have used only once, well, its time to let it go!

Now you have decluttered, savor what you have.

Once you’ve decluttered some, it’s important to move forward — not with more decluttering, but with more living. Circle back to your purpose for decluttering, and start a new practice that lets you revel in your refreshed space. If you were hoping to entertain more, put a gathering on the calendar, albeit keeping rules for social gathering in mind! If you have been craving more peace, make a nightly date with your teapot and candles and freshly cleared coffee table. The best way to keep your home clutter-free is to savor what you have!

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