No Air-conditioning at Home? Don’t Worry We Have You Cooled Using These 7 Hacks

It’s summer and for a change instead of finding ways to keep our homes warm, we are looking for ways to keep them cool. While installing air conditioning is a good option, it may not be necessary, especially as we don’t have the searing hot heat and humidity our friends in the East and down South have.

So here are a few hints to keep your home cool even if you have air-conditioning installed:

Close your blinds or curtains.
Closing your blinds from late morning to early evening can lower your indoor temperature by as much as 20 degrees. This is especially important for south and west facing windows. 

Unplug unnecessary appliances and devices
Everything you plug into a socket produces some heat.  Even devices that produce a glowing red light when not in use, drain energy and produce heat – they need to be unplugged and not just turned off.

Use ceiling fans the right way
During the summer months your ceiling fan should blow forward in a counter-clockwise direction. During winter, the direction should be changed whereby the air gets circulated throughout the room. The base of the ceiling fan normally has a small switch that changes the direction of the airflow.

Enjoy more outdoor barbeques and salads
Generally speaking, in any household, the kitchen generates a lot of heat with the oven being the main culprit. By frequent use of the outdoor barbeque, you are reducing the use of the oven and heat generated within the home. Eating lots of salads and “cold” meals reduces reliance on the oven as well. 

Get help from your garden
Shade providing plants, trees and shrubs in front of windows can absorb much of the afternoon sun to cool down your home, and add beautiful landscaping to the outside.  Did you know that a tree in full bloom can block over 70 per cent of solar radiation from entering your home?

Change your bedding
During the winter months fleece blankets and flannel sheets are great for keeping you warm, however in the summer, using cotton instead is a great way of keeping cool, as cotton breathes easier and stays cooler.

Use ice with your fan
If you fill a bowl with ice and place it at an angle in front of a large fan, the air that blows off the ice is extra chilled and can really keep a room cool. Even a bowl of icy water will do the trick. Try it – it really works!

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