Ready To Start Your BBQ This Spring? You Must Read These Tips On How To Prep Your BBQ.

Warmer days are here, and before you know it, spring will give way to the summer. The warmer days mean it’s time to get back outside and start grilling! However, ideally, BBQs require a tune-up after a long season of idling in winter conditions.

Maintaining and tuning up your BBQ will prolong its life, and prevent rust and corrosion, giving you the most optimal outdoor cooking experience. Here are a few important tips on how to best do this:

Scrub the interior and exterior

Give your BBQ a good scrub using a good quality grill brush, mild dish soap, plastic paint scraper, and non-scratching scouring pads. The grill brush and paint scraper can be used to remove the residue from the grates, followed by a good wash using the dish soap in warm water. Do the same on the heat tents (below the grates) and the warming rack.

The burners also require care due to corrosion and build-up, as well as all parts of the firebox. Many people forget to remove the grease build-up from the grease catch at the bottom of the BBQ.

Stainless steel BBQs are prone to scratches if you use a scouring pad or grill brush. The best way to go about this is to use a stainless steel cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar.

Check that it is in good working condition

Once the BBQ has been cleaned, there have to be certain maintenance checks done before you can start grilling:

Check all the hose connections to ensure there are no leaks.

Replace the propane tank if it is rusty.

Ensure that the igniter, burners, heat tent, etc. are properly installed and working correctly.

Season your grill

If you have porcelain or cast iron grates, it is important to season them to prevent rust from building up and create a sleek non-stick surface for cooking. Seasoning requires the use of a basting brush that coats the entire grate with cooking oil. Once done, turn the grill on LOW/MED heat for 20-30 minutes.

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