Some Great Tips On How To Organize Your Kids’ Rooms.

“Clean your room!” is the battle cry for millions of parents everyday.

With the Holiday season upon us and everyone being home, now couldn’t be a better time to help organize and clean up life in the bedroom and set up some routines.

Make use of these easy organization strategies to bring order and remove clutter from your kids’ rooms:

1) Look at the room from your child’s eye.
Adult furniture and organizing systems don’t fit well with children’s needs. To organize a child’s room, solutions must fit the child. For younger children lower the clothing rods and use child size hangers for easier access and storage. Invest in floor level open containers and baskets to hold toys, store socks, underwear, etc.

2) Teach your child organization skills and maintenance methods.
Look at the organization of the room as a learning activity focusing on the child. Address what’s working and what’s important to your child, and what’s causing the problems. If your child is involved in the organization system, he/she will better understand the logic behind what you are explaining to them and maintain the room.

3) Sort, store and simplify.
Kids cannot get organized if their closets are crammed, drawers are stuffed and there is no place to store their toys. Remove excess clothes from the drawers – if they are seasonal clothes, bag them and store in the basement. Go through the toys and ascertain what is being used and what needs to be stored or thrown away. Use containers to store magazines, books, video games etc. Remove what is obsolete or hardly being used.

4) Make it easier to put something away and hard to get out.
This is the golden rule for efficient children’s storage. In all the storage systems you devise, build the effort into getting out, not the putting away.

5) Label everything.
Making simple graphic labels everywhere – inside and outside of drawers, on shelf edges, on containers – helps remind the child where the item belongs. Playing “match the label” can be fun and turns toy picking into a game!

6) Organize bottom to top.
Depending on the stature of the child, it makes sense organizing from bottom to top. Most toys and belongings should be placed on lower shelves, drawers or on the floor. Higher levels should be designated for less frequently used possessions.

7) Begin a maintenance routine.
Children’s rooms can transform from clean and organized to messy in just minutes. Getting them to clean up immediately after their mess can be frustrating for both parents and children. If you build a maintenance routine where certain chores are done at certain times during the day, there will be less disorder and less fraying of tempers.

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