Some Great Tips On Staging Your Home Inexpensively

Most of us use our visual sense to make a purchase decision. A potential homebuyer will have difficulty visualizing an empty house as opposed to a full one. So it is important to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the potential buyer.

Here are some great inexpensive staging tips:


  • Accessorize – add decorative items to make the area more ‘cozy’. 
  • Unclutter counters – remove unnecessary items off counter tops .
  • Offer snacks – filling a large bowl with candy and pre-packaged snacks for buyers passing through will help them remember your listing, especially if they grab one.
  • Bake something – the smell of fresh bread or a pie in the oven is always appealing.


  • Close the lids – keep all the closets closed, close the toilet lid, open the curtains to let the sun/light in.
  • Flowers and candles – dried flowers and candles in complementary colors give the room a real boost.


  • Add a bed to a vacant room  – use boxes or an air mattress and dress it up with nice bedding.
  • Add luxurious, affordable touches – a new luxury comforter set with accompanying pillows, frills, valances etc. This can transform a boring bedroom into a luxury hotel suite!

Living Room

  • Create a focal point – pick a prominent corner, add a large plant and set up a spotlight behind it throwing a shadow and highlighting the leaves.
  • Arrange the furniture  – place the furniture in a manner that suggests conversation and entertainment without much rearranging.

Color and Lighting

  • Be neutral – with bold colors, potential buyers may find it difficult to envision their perception of how the room may look with their furniture in it.
  • Lighten up – replace the light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs making the rooms look bigger and brighter.

Other Tips

  • Neutralize the home – remove personal items and clutter. Potential buyers should see a room they can envision themselves living in.
  • Touch up painting – make sure that there are no scratches, scuffmarks and blemishes on the walls especially in the hard to miss areas. Repainting a few walls, such as those in the hallways, kitchen and bathrooms may give the appearance of a well kept and tidy home.
  • Traffic flow – arrange the furniture in a manner that does not block any of the home’s features and allows for easy traffic movement.

Home staging can make the difference on how quickly your home sells. We have a thoroughly experienced and competent group of real estate professionals who can advise you on how to stage your home. Contact us by email or call us on 604 913 1000.

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