Summer’s Approaching: Where and How to Find the Ideal Gardener

A beautiful well maintained garden not only improves the value of your property, it is also pleasing to the eye and enhances the attractiveness of your neighborhood.

We have all been told that gardening is a therapeutic activity – but who has the time? One of the most frustrating homeowner experiences is the illusive, sometimes lifelong pursuit of a good gardener.

A majority of the gardeners just mow and edge the lawn, blow the leaves around and clip the hedge every now and then. Their answer to weeding is to use the weed whacker, not the ideal solution as the weeds invariably grow back with a vengeance.

An ideal gardener would be one who really takes pride in his work, who knows about plants, knows how to prune trees correctly, knows how to mulch flower beds and deal with pests and diseases.

So where does one find this “ideal gardener”?

  • When you are driving, keep your eyes open for an eye-catching garden (and the road – of course!). If you see a well maintained garden that is to your liking, stop and ask the occupant of the home if he /she is willing to provide you with the contact of the gardener or landscaper.
  • Talk with family, friends or work colleagues and get references. You are looking for some one who is reliable and honest.
  • Using social media networks such as Yelp can be very useful. If you do a local search, you may find a number of posts with useful comments about various gardeners.
  • If you browse through the Yellow Pages or Classified ads in your local newspaper, you will find a whole list of gardeners or “landscapers”.

When selecting a gardener remember the following important points:

  • Sometimes, those who advertise may be less skilled than they pretend.
  • Always ask for references first, or go and see work they have done for others.
  • The services offered by different gardeners vary greatly and the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best deal. Value and peace of mind, as well as price, are important factors to consider.

Great gardens don’t happen by accident and finding a good gardener is a real asset if you want a really attractive outdoor area.

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