Alexander Bardin

International Liaison
Alexander has over fifty years of experience in the field of international economic relations and over thirty years’ experience in real estate, ranging from large-scale construction to development, marketing and sales. Alexander’s vast business experience includes Engineering in the field of construction and operation of nuclear power plants, International economic relations, Economics with a Doctorate of Economic Sciences, and Diplomacy from his time with the Embassy of the USSR in Libya (five years). Alexander was the Honorary Consul in Canada for seven years. This amazing achievement is an honorary title awarded for life. For the last 20 years Alexander has been living in Canada, working on various projects between Russian and Canadian business entities including the Olympic facilities in Vancouver and Sochi, medical centers in Moscow, Development and sale of residential projects in Moscow, timber industry in Canada, real estate construction in Canada and others. Alexander has two granddaughters, nine and five years old, who he is immensely proud of.


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