Why Your Renovation Should Be Structural and Not Cosmetic

Whenever someone talks about a renovation, typically images of hardwood floors and granite countertops are conjured up. But according to many home improvement experts, you should be more concerned about renovating the structure of your home than the style.

If you have the following problems outlined below, you should be directing your renovation dollars towards them rather than finishing the basement or adding a sunroom, as these problems could eventually escalate into major headaches.

Leaking basement: Never ignore leaks, even the smallest ones. If water is getting in from the outside you have a potential disaster in the making. By stopping the leaks, fixing any cracks in the foundation, and properly insulating the basement, you will be conquering the “damp basement syndrome.”

Sagging roof: Your roof repair should be first and foremost of any repair work undertaken in your home. Look for signs of cracked and worn shingles, sagging areas, mold or rot. If your roof is in need of repair, don’t cut corners with a cheap fix. Use a reputable company that will give you a solid warranty. Remember a well repaired and maintained roof will add value to your home.

Heat loss:  Any renovation that improves the energy efficiency of your home is a worthwhile investment. Greening your home can also make your home very attractive when selling. You can also recover a large part of your investment with energy savings.  An energy-efficient home guarantees low utility bills.

So if you have some money saved for a renovation or remodel, direct these dollars towards important repairs – granite countertops can wait!

Do you have any property-related issues? Please contact us. We can advise you on a property purchase/sale, a valuation, or even a renovation. Our real estate professionals are always ready to help or advise you.

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