Will a smart home make your home more marketable – YES!

Welcome to the “Internet of Things” where automated devices like lights, locks and thermostats work together and are controlled by the Internet. Things that were not previously automated are now simplified and automated.

There is now a consensus amongst homeowners of newly constructed and recently renovated homes to employ “Smart” technology.  Smart technology automates household tasks such us unlocking doors, adjusting temperature, rolling down blinds, shutting off appliances etc.

A 2016 survey by Coldwell Banker revealed that owners believe that smart home technology makes their home safer, saves them money and saves them time.

Advantages of employing Smart home technology:

Security – owners can be notified if something in their home seems amiss.

Economy – money can be saved when the energy use of a home can be automatically controlled – this includes, lights, heating, air-conditioning, the outdoor sprinkler system, etc.

Insurance savings – Insurance companies (and utility ones) offer reduced rates and rebates for homes that use smart devices.

Today’s home buying population will pay more for a smart home (according to the survey by Coldwell banker).

There is a caution however, on the security risk of the data generated by the devices. The onus is on the user of the smart technology to do the necessary due diligence.

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