You Won’t Believe How Many Jobs A Real Estate Agent Does At One Time!

You Wont Believe How Many Jobs A Real Estate Agent Does At One Time!

If you think that a real estate agent’s job is just to find you a home, well think again! They balance several jobs at any given time so that you can find the home of your dreams. From finding a home that will fit your budget, to negotiating a complex contract and filling out the necessary arduous paperwork, a real estate agent is one of the hardest working professional any homebuyer can work with.

Here are some of the duties of a typical real estate professional:


If you are not sure of the process, a realtor will explain the steps involved, the financial requirements, the emotional requirements, the time lines involved, what hurdles and difficulties to expect on the way.

Lifestyle Specialist

A professional real estate agent will help you assess how realistic your dreams are and how they fit with your lifestyle. An agent will help you find the right home at a price that you can afford.

Location Expert

Realtors will have access to more homes than are listed on the public domain. They also have access to exclusive listings that may or may not appear to the general public.

Human GPS

Getting hold of a local agent will ensure that he/she will have an extensive knowledge of your neighborhood, through careful research. As a result, you will get expert advice on the schools, communities, shopping, restaurants and amenities in the neighborhood you are considering.


You will get firsthand advice on whether you are paying a fair price on your home as an agent can tell you what similar homes to the one you are considering buying, have sold for recently.  You will be advised on tax matters such as whether your home qualifies for the homebuyer non-refundable tax credit, or whether you need to use the Home Buyers Plan.


A real estate professional can coordinate all the steps with the other professionals involved – mortgage broker, lawyer, home inspector, and the like, to ensure that the home buying process runs smoothly without any obstacles.

Lead Negotiator

An agent acts as the go-between for you and the seller’s agent, keeping you informed on price and contract negotiations, making an offer on your behalf, supervising any inspector required repairs, and other real estate matters. Your final move in date will also be negotiated.

Whether you are listing a condo or a luxury home, our experienced real estate professionals are available to assist you in making the transaction as stress free as possible. Contact us by email or call us on 604 913 1000.

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